The ageing journey defines the life you lead,
The past making way for the future unleashed.
The struggles of uncertainty that forever cloud your dreams,
Breaking old rituals and finding new routines that fit.

The hit and trial of the people who never know where they head,
Is a never-ending battle especially if you’re well equipped.
A full heart or a broken one, whoever you are,
The day will come when it’s time to pack and leave your loved ones.

To a new city or a new journey,
a job, a love, a road uncovered.
Once you find yourself onto it,
The real battle begins to discover the desires within.

When you live by yourself,
You are the truest to your soul,
Sleeping on the floor or crying by the door.
Independence is best experienced in silence,

When the clocks move every second,
And you can hear your future ticking by the minute.
The times when you crave to hear your own voice,
Remember the fighter you have become despite,

Years of making new and renewing the old.
Maybe you never make new friends,
But always keep close,
the dearest few.

We know we get by with a little help from our well-wishers,
Touch base every moment your ground withers.
And then speak to them every day you feel strong.
Because those relationships are meant to test all storms.

Never mind if you discard the unwanted latest squabbles.
By now you have grown into the person they never fathomed.
Occasionally fly off-putting good to those saved coins,
To see their faces light with shine,

Reflecting on your sudden grace and time.
And even if the silence gets deadly,
Always remember you are doing it right.
Independence is best felt alone,
Stronger and steeper with every step forward.
Sometimes you can allow your mind to go back,
Reflect on the fondness of the last lover you bed.

Never regret the deepest of scars,
Or the dark memories of the past.
They made you wiser for more shall uncover,
And test your waters like the unknown warrior,
Always prepared to go to battle,

Irrespective of victory and failure,
Keep feeding and preparing for survival.
And maybe sometimes putting a meal together,
Will seem harder than counting sheep.
But Independence is like a wordless scream,
Only felt within.

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