Sangharh (struggle) is a dance drama mainly inspired by Devdutt Pattanaik’s ‘Shikhandi’ in passing and envisioned into life during one of the projects for my Conflict Management course during Masters in International Studies. Sangharsh looks at gender conflict, both internally and externally, through the lens of the individual and the society and is divided into three acts: Intro, Act I: Confusion, Act II: Conflict, Act III: Negotiation
Performing my poem ‘Tinder Loving’ at the 5th Your Quote Open Mic in Pune (2018) You can also read the first draft of the not-so-funny written version of the piece here – Tinder Loving – The Poem
Absolutely in love and charmed by these two. As a part of E&H Foundation and in an attempt to understand the impact of our program, I wanted to follow the story of some of our first generation learners who joined us at the beginning of the program in 2013. Meeting them has further authenticated the impact of our strong pedagogy and the importance of enabling quality education of underprivileged children at primary level through proven models.

Their stories have further strengthened my resolve of continuing our work of providing quality education to children from Std 1-5 in the slums of UP. Watch this short film by me for E&H Foundation. If their story interests you, please support the education of more such first-generation learners by visiting my campaign on Give India.

(Originally published on E&H’s YouTube channel)
Educate Girls, Build a better India.

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