Come for Our Mother

I am coming for you, mother.
I have not been the ideal daughter.
I am aware. We all are.
I ache. We all do.
to watch you waste.
your history and youth.
I am living, mother,
to save myself, from ruining you.
I’ll come, with million others,
who never left your womb,
and still didn’t hear your wounds.
Hold tight, mother.
Don’t die on me yet.
Give me a chance,
to redeem my twisted steps.
I know I have hurt you in my capitalist ways.
my materialistic traits,
have hurt your natural state.

Please, hold on mother,
for a few hundred more.
Let me die in your arms,
and let others flourish too.
Eat us alive, but onward you must go.
Cultivate, not destruct.
Don’t be angry now mother,
Please stop flowing fani waves.
Breathe, mother. Rest!
Flow as you please.
Move a few mountains,
and out pour a few seas,
onto lands, houses and streets.
We deserve it. I deserve it.

Forgive me mother,
For I sinned. Forgive me for hurting you.
Forgive us, for we degraded you.
We will not make the mistake,
of expecting pleasantries,
in turn for abusing you.
We shall stop expecting beauty,
in turn for polluting you.

We don’t deserve you, mother.
But children make mistakes.
Let me grow more in you,
Let me die more in you.
While I wait,
for all of us.
To come together.
Come for our mother.

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