Tinder Loving

Tinder Loving, you will find yourself in.
Could be rewarding, if you are willing to
let go, and get company,
beyond the four walls you live in.
Fake Loving? It’s easy to find yourself in,
No loyalty, no troubling,
Swipe right and go wandering.

Tinder Loving, you’re a Shakespeare in making,
He would give you credit,
if he knew you were cheating.
Borrowing the words, only meant for
expressing true love, not dilly-dallying.

Makeshift loving?
It’s the only way to win.
Time-saving and major profiting.
Tinder loving, you’re a blessing in disguise.
Seeking comfort in a smoke full of lies.

Easy coming, and easier to leave.
One, two, three and nine,
The number game is infinite.
Endless prospects and possibilities,
Tinder loving, stay for longer, please.

Baseless fucking, how could you not see?
Would create a void only bigger in size.
Impossible to fill, emptier still.
Tinder Loving, you could catfish them daily,
Fools don’t need evidence to believe.

Tiny remedies and quick fixes,
are beautiful, if nothing else is what you seek.
The beauty of the unknown is difficult to resist.
Once tasted, you’ll be preying endlessly.

Tinder Loving, it’s not how it seems.
Effortlessly, scream after scream,
won’t suffice the desires within.
Selflessness is not the virtue of the weak,
merrymaking is only a temporary trick.

Tender loving comes naturally to me,
But nature is funny, don’t you think?
He would want you for a night or two,
and you’ll be forever grateful if it’s true.

Hands down, you feel the blues,
if his touch reminds you of your ex-beau.
Living and loving is a complicated duo,
human connections go beyond me and you,
when you touched him, you inhaled others too,
and now you’re wondering if being safe is the way to go.

Building walls make it tougher to get through,
Penetrating the mind is more fulfilling than what you do.
Tinder Loving, you’re a hopeless soul,
I’d give you another chance if I were as loose as you.
Mindless consumption, I’m addicted too,
though I prefer lonesome over loving untrue.


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