Giant leaves rustling on a thin bark,
You found me off balance in the dark.
Told me you wouldn’t hurt me,
Yet, you left me midway,
Lonesome, eating my heart.

Mama always said, “hold your tongue“,
“Words spoken cannot be undone”,
He, who disrespects is abandoned.”
Didn’t you do that?
Regardless of being the one for true words and constant touch?

You unleashed me, like no other,
stitching broken pieces, of a wordless picture.
Thin hands and strong frame,
When I pushed you off while you pierced me through,
Why did you deny the fact that it was a clever move?

Is that what men of grey virtues do?
Open a wounded heart, and let it bleed to the floor.
The first day could have been our last,
had I been the way I was,
with men from my past,

You asked me, who am I to you?
Did you really need words to label a million kisses?
Weren’t they true?
Why did you stop holding me?
We could have been so much more.

Songs and love, you showered me through,
Deep down, I started falling for you too.
Maybe it was a wise plot,
to play me the way your fingers strum at the bar.
or the other girls you rejected within your heart.

I let you in my house and now I know why,
I vow to never let anyone dust me off,
with a thank you and goodbye.

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